Horkey Brothers

The Horkey family has been growing potatoes in Michigan for five generations. Brothers George and Carl Horkey formed a partnership in 1971, combining their fathers’ potato farm and Georges in-laws’ potato farm, calling the combined operation Roscoe and Horkey. Today the farm is called Horkey Brother Farms, operated by George, Carl, Travis, and Doug Horkey. The farm continues to be a great place for the family to work together, learning the value of hard work and service.  And it’s not just family, they work side by side with dedicated employees, many who have worked for over 30 years.

"The phrase, “environmental stewardship”, gives one the feeling that taking care of the soil, the air, and the water is just the latest trend.  As if farmers never thought of it until recently.  In fact, farmers have been stewards since the beginning.  But more to the point, we do recognize the importance of keeping informed on the latest research, investing in the necessary technology and equipment, and adapting our practices to best serve our community.  Just one example is how we modified our potato planter to be gps controlled.  Now our seed spacing adjusts as we plant to match the soil type and correlating yield expectation in each area of the field.  (We have varied from 18,000 to 28,000 seeds per acre in the same row!)  Combining this with variable rate irrigation and fertilizing we are reducing nutrient loss and energy used per pound of potato produced. We love what we do and hope your family enjoys our potatoes as much as we enjoy growing them on our farm!" - Travis Horkey



Types of Potatoes Grown

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