Andersen Farms

Danish immigrants, Olaf Andersen and his new wife Leonora, moved into a log shack on uncleared land that consisted of forty acres in North Home Township, Montcalm County, Michigan. On a six-acre plot, they planted potatoes and livestock feed. Olaf did well the first season in 1913 and the deed is dated November 24, 1913. During the first four years a barn and house were built which are still in use today. Olaf and Leonora had six children – Norwood, Helene, Eliene, Alice, Bernice, and Allen. They enjoyed a very happy life and visited their Danish homeland twice. On December 26, 1962, Olaf’s youngest son Allen purchased the 120-acre farm, while still growing potatoes as the major crop. Allen and wife Donna had four children, Ronald, Duane, Mark and Barbara, who after college graduation joined the everyday work on the farm. In 1981 Allen’s three sons Ronald, Duane and Mark joined the operation which then covered 830 acres and named the farm Andersen Brothers. Currently, the farm is managed by Duane and Mark. Duane’s wife Christine is the office manager. The next generation of the farm includes Allen, Melissa, Stephanie, Alexandria, Erica, Zachary, Chelsea, and Austin. In 2018, 6,500 acres are under cultivation with potatoes still as the main crop, also grown is wheat, peas, green beans, seed corn and field corn.