Welcome to Michigan Potatoes

Michigan Potatoes is home to three distinct organizations all working to grow an economically viable potato industry in Michigan.

These organizations include:

The Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC) - created under state law, MPIC works specifically within the areas of research, education, promotion and marketing to advance the industry.

Potato Growers of Michigan, Inc. (PGMI)   - is a voluntary membership organization focused on advocacy at the state and national level to advance the industry.

Michigan Seed Potato Association (MSPA)  - is a voluntary membership organization with an emphasis on ensuring Michigan grown seed meets and exceeds quality standards.

Industry Goals

Expand talent development and collaboration within the industry
Provide direction for research and sustainability efforts
Lead promotion of farms and potatoes to the public
Foster economic growth initiatives

MPIC was formed in 1970 by the Michigan legislature as the state’s potato research, promotion, and education organization.

The Commission members, appointed by the Governor, are charged to use the funds assessed on growers and shippers of Michigan potatoes to promote an economically viable potato industry in Michigan.

Committees of the Commission include:
     • Storage and Handling
     • Fresh Marketing
     • Research
     • Variety Release

Out of the necessity for a strong legislative voice on issues affecting Michigan potato production, the Potato Growers of Michigan, Inc. (PGMI) was formed in 1991. Since that time, the organization has been working to ensure that reliable economic information and sound science are the basis for decisions made in Lansing and Washington, DC on issues that impact Michigan potato growers.

The organization relies on members being engaged to the Michigan potato industry is positioned to remain viable. Members are engaged on key issues, build relationships with elected officials and providing testimony when necessary.

This association is designated by the state of Michigan as the agency which assures seed potato quality and controls uniformity from one producing member to the next. All to maintain Michigan's potato seed production reputation.

In order to have enough seed produced to supply commercial field production of potatoes, the seed producer must be several steps ahead of the industry to anticipate which seed varieties will be in demand. The association keeps its members abreast of developments in other potato breeding programs across the US and the worldwide. One of the directors is a major cooperator in the US Snack Food Association potato variety trails, held at production plots in different production areas across the country.