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Potato Outreach Program Bulk Plantings

Tina Zavislan  | Published on 9/19/2018
The Potato Outreach Program (POP) continually evaluates and selects promising potato varieties with commercialization potential in Michigan. This includes both selections from the MSU Potato Breeding and Genetics Program and potatoes from other breeding programs in the United States and Europe. After growing a variety in strip trials around the state, the POP chooses some varieties for bulk plantings. These larger plantings allow MSU researchers and growers to observe the new variety on a larger scale, obtain a more accurate yield estimate, and evaluate storage potential in chipping varieties. The results from previous strip trials and block plantings demonstrate that three russet varieties and four chip varieties have commercialization potential and merit further evaluation. 
This year, Sackett Potatoes, Lennard Ag., Walther Farms, and Sandyland Farms collaborated with the Potato Outreach program to trial NY152, MSX540-4, MSW485-2, and MSV030-4. After harvest, these chipping varieties will be graded and stored. Chip quality will be assessed at regular intervals to develop a storage profile for each variety. 
Additionally, multiple collaborators are evaluating russet varieties this year, including Reveille Russet, Mountain Gem, and Vanguard Russet. Reveille and Vanguard are selections from Texas A&M, while Mountain Gem was selected in Idaho. Russet cooperators include Elmaple, Eisinga, Iotts, Jenkins, Kitchens, Lippins, Lennard Ag., Styma, Yoders, and Walther Farms. 
Results from the bulk planting trials will be available on the Potato Outreach Program website, If you are interested in learning more about these potato varieties or are a grower interested in a bulk planting trial, please contact Chris Long, MSU Potato Extension Specialist, at

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