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Weekly Potato Report

Michigan Potato Industry Commission
July 23, 2014

Southwest Michigan chip potatoes will be ready for harvest this weekend, but dealers indicate that it could be another 10 days before they get any orders. Potato chip demand is good, but chip companies still have abundant supplies that they need to clean up, in earlier growing areas. USDA is reporting a wide range on prices for open chip potatoes, ranging between $7.00 and $10.50 per cwt.

Canadian growers planted 348,221 acres to potatoes this year, 7,117 fewer acres than they planted in 2013. That includes a 2,500 acre cut in Ontario, to 35,500 acres. Ontario officials indicate that their cut included a 2,000 acre reduction in the province’s chip potato acreage. Chip contract volume is down slightly from last year, and growers may be adjusting their acreage to account for the higher yields that they have been experiencing in recent years.

Statistics Canada indicates that Quebec growers planted 988 more acres to potatoes in 2014 than they did in 2013. However, Quebec sources are disputing that number. They indicate that there is no increase in French Fry type potatoes, and that chip potato contract volume is down. While table potato acreage may be up slightly, they doubt that the increase is sufficient to offset a cut in the chip potato area.

US fresh potato shipments for the week ending July 19 totaled 1.811 million cwt. That is up from 1.748million cwt during the same period in 2013.

The weighted average shipping point price for Idaho Russet Burbanks dropped to $10.71 per cwt, from $11.02 per cwt at this time last week.

USDA has stopped reporting North Carolina Round White potato prices for the season. Virginia shippers are selling 50# sacks of size A Round White potatoes for mostly $8.00 per bag, down from $9.00 per bag at this time last week.

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