Michigan Seed Potato Association

Seed is one of the most important ingredients to a successful potato production management program. Michigan is a leading national producer of potato seed, with the largest market for its production here in Michigan. Knowing your seed grower, the seed source, the seed class, and the seed program gives you a close reign on this important piece of your operation.

Limited generation production made possible by tissue culture, allows pre-nuclear (or mini tubers) to be produced under aseptic conditions and finished in a green house. This tissue culture system allows control of diseases through testing. It provides a strong and vigorous first generation of seed stock. Another advantage of Northern production is the ability to pre-screen the next year's seed proving the variety and seed lot's reliability. The MSPA conducts winter tests in south Florida on all seed lots to insure quality and disease standards. Results are available in late January.

This association is designated by the state of Michigan as the agency which assures seed potato quality and controls uniformity from one producing member to the next. All to maintain Michigan's potato seed production reputation.

In order to have enough seed produced to supply commercial field production of potatoes, the seed producer must be several steps ahead of the industry to anticipate which seed varieties will be in demand. The association keeps its members abreast of developments in other potato breeding programs across the US and the worldwide. One of the directors is a major cooperator in the US Snack Food Association potato variety trails, held at production plots in different production areas across the country. For more information contact the association's director Jeff Axford at (989) 732-4433.

Potato Seed Book

Michigan Certified Seed Potatoes 2015 Crop Year.


Board of Directors

2013 & 2014 Directors

Greg Iott
Iott Seed farm
.4637 Cool Road
Kalkaska, MI 49646
(231) 499-4113
Rodney Krueger
2797 W Hawks Hwy.
Hawks, MI 49743
(989) 734-2755
Dr. Willie Kirk
Asst. Prof. Plant Pathology
35 Plant Biology Lab
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48824 
(517) 353-4481
Dale Johnson
2898 M-69
Drystal Falls, MI 49920
(906) 542-3356 
Larry Jensen
Chief Wabasis Potato Growers
7058 N Wyman Rd.
Edmore, MI 48829
(231) 972-2005
Mike Wenkel
MI Potato Industry Commission 
3515 West Road, Suite A
East Lansing, MI 48823 
(517) 253-7370
Matt Skogman
N667Cheese Factory Road
Foster City MI 49834

Jeff Axford
Executive Director 
P.O. Box 1865 
Gaylord, MI 49734 
(989) 732-4433
Elizabeth Dorman
MI Department of Agriculture
P.O. Box 30017 
Lansing, MI 48909 
(517) 337-5083

Contact Us

Jeff Axford, Executive Director
4355 Whitehouse Trail
P.O. Box 1865
Gaylord, MI 49734
phone: 989-732-4433
mobile: 989-350-1130
fax: 989-732-4770

Jeff Howard, Inspector
8114 Dudd Rd.
Vanderbilt, MI 49795
office: 989-983-4283
mobile: 989-370-1103