Who We Are

The Michigan Potato Industry Commission (MPIC) is authorized to exist by the state legislature as MI Public Act 29, of 1970, as amended.  Prior to the existence of the MPIC, The Michigan Potato Industry Council was the state's potato research, promotion and education organization.  The state law which created the MPIC also sets the assessment rate and purpose of which grower funds are to be used.

Mission Statement

To foster and promote an economically viable potato industry in Michigan by providing responsible leadership for the industry.

The Michigan Potato Industry Commission will maintain adequate funding sources to achieve its goals through research, promotion, education, and communication.

It will provide leadership in disseminating information to foster the growth and well being of the potato industry, all the while representing the interests of the industry at state, national, and international levels.

Established By
State Legislature, P.A. 29 1970 as Amended
Established To
Conduct research, promotion and education activities for Michigan potato growers
Assessments: $.015/cwt shipper, $.035/cwt grower, $.05/cwt grower/shipper. Annual income approximately $650,000
Directed By
Nine growers and shippers appointed by the governor as Commissioners of the MPIC; two Ex-officios MSU and MDARD
Currently funding approximately $110,000 of research and special projects annually, additional funding of a potato specialist
Promote fresh and processing potatoes to buyers and consumers.  Communicate to growers via email, fax, web site and mailings
Conduct surveys regarding grower production practices, communicate with EPA
Provide information to USDA, EPA, MDARD
No activity
Establish formal relationships and provide information to  buyers, shippers, Michigan State University, USDA, MDARD and other agricultural organizations

Commission members

Brian Sackett- Chairman
Wayne Leep - Vice Chair
Pat DuRussel
Phil Gusmano
Ted Hanson
William Kitchen
John Marker
Kevin Storm
Randy Styma

Ex Officios:
Jamie Clover-Adams, MDARD
Dr. Dave Douches, MSU